Burning permits and fire management

Burning in the open (outside of the fire danger season only)

To reduce bush-fire fuel, vegetation pile burning can be undertaken outside of the fire danger season within defined rural areas.

Burning must be undertaken in compliance with the CFS Vegetation pile burning code of practice and conditions on the issued permit.

You will need to abide by the following terms and conditions:

  • Only burn dry, seasoned timber not treated or painted timber
  • Not burn plastics, rubbish, oil, tyres, furniture or other household items
  • Maintain a 4 metre clearance (minimum) of flammable material, around and above the burning pile
  • Consider other options for waste disposal.

Search and select your property on the map to view requirements.


Through the map

Step 1.Find your address 

Type your property address into the address search or zoom in to find your property.

Step 2.Select your property

Click on your property to view the information.

You will need to click on the area that is shaded either red, orange or green.

Step 3.Complete the online Burn Permit if required

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