Our Vision for a Sustainable Aldinga Development

Our Vision for a Sustainable Aldinga Development

The state government’s release of 60 hectares of land in Aldinga has presented an unprecedented opportunity to set a new benchmark for sustainable development in Australia.

We share our community's passion to see sustainable and climate-resilient developments that offer a diverse range of innovative, affordable, energy-efficient homes that consider the environment while supporting a fantastic lifestyle. This is why we've created a detailed vision for the Aldinga development that can serve as a model across the state and the nation.

We are seeking the following sustainable outcomes for the development:

  • commitment to environmentally sustainable design principles
  • industry leading Green Star Communities rating targeting 6-Stars
  • housing which meets the new Green Star for Homes standard OR minimum 8-star NatHERS rating
  • low carbon house design and build
  • zero/low waste, recycled materials, circular economy
  • integration of renewable energy achieving net-zero energy use
  • rainwater capture and use of recycled water
  • water sensitive urban design (WSUD)
  • trees and urban greening on private and public land
  • functional open green spaces for community wellbeing and recreation
  • biodiversity and habitat creation
  • a highly walkable suburb with convenient access to public transport and connections to the Aldinga township and local schools
  • diverse housing choice that delivers both high-end and affordable living
  • community engagement in the planning process
  • development and urban design that complements the rural coastal landscape and sensitive environmental surrounds
  • training and capacity building in sustainable design and construction for developers, builders and homebuyers
  • use of local businesses and service providers.

You can learn more about council’s vision by downloading the Our Vision for a Sustainable Aldinga Development document on this page.


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