Council Plans and Strategies

The future of our city depends on the decisions we make today.  

We know our residents and businesses expect their rates to be spent responsibly on the services and projects our communities need.

And, they want us to be open and transparent about what we’re doing to achieve these outcomes.

The important strategic plans and policies on this web page demonstrate how we will achieve these goals in a financially sustainable way.

At the highest level, you can see the outcomes we aspire to deliver across Onkaparinga through the Community Plan 2030.

Our commitment to maintaining our city’s valuable infrastructure is guided by our Strategic Asset Management Plan, and our Long Term Financial Plan explains how we will maintain a solid financial position.

Our Debt Management Strategy and Asset Rationalisation Policy describe how we will make decisions about our budget, both now and into the future.

And our Annual Business Plan details what we will deliver in 2021-22, with a budget developed in line with the principles of the Long Term Financial Plan.

Together, these documents guide the way the City of Onkaparinga will consider options, make decisions, and stick to them.

We encourage you to explore the documents on this web page, so you can understand the strategic thinking that will guide our city in future.

Our new strategic direction ensure we will focus on what’s important make our city the best place to live, visit and do business, always mindful of the fact that the funds we collect through council rates belong to our ratepayers.


Community Plan 2030
Community Plan 2035
Strategic Asset Management Plan Long Term Financial Plan Debt Management Strategy Asset Rationalisation Policy
Strategic Asset Management Plan cover Long Term Financial Plan cover Debt Management Strategy cover Asset Rationalisation Strategy cover
Annual Business Plan 2021-22
Annual Business Plan 2021-22 Snapshot
Annual Business Plan snapshot