How are your rates calculated?

Your annual council rates are determined by three things:

  • the value of your property
  • our rate in the dollar
  • the fixed charge applied to all rateable properties.

You can read more below, or watch this short video which explains how your rates are calculated.

The value of your property is set by the state government through the Office of the Valuer General. The property value is multiplied by the rate in the dollar applicable to residential rateable properties.

What’s the rate in the dollar? The rate in the dollar is our total rates income (not including the fixed charge) as determined through the budget process, divided by the combined value of all rateable properties in our council area.

A fixed charge is then applied to all properties in the council area. This means each property owner makes an equal contribution to the base cost of council services and projects, across the entire Onkaparinga area.

Finally, the state government’s regional landscape levy is added to your rates. This is a charge that Council collects on behalf of the State Government and further information can be found by contacting your Landscape Boards.

How rates are calculated


Based on a house valued at $360,000 rates would be calculated as follows:

House value    $360,000
Residential rate in the dollar (2022/23)  x      0.00196535
   =    $707.53
Fixed charge (2022/23)  +    $730
State government regional landscape levy 
(Green Adelaide)   
 +    $27.62
Total rates   =      $1465.15