Shimmer across the City contributing artists

Celebrating the ‘perfect shot’, the process and the equipment used to create each image, representing photographers from all walks of life, skill sets and postcodes. These are the artists who were successful in their applications to be involved with Shimmer across the City.  

Abbey Witcombe

Abbey Witcombe Abbey is an Adelaide based artist inspired by nature and the folklore surrounding natural landscapes. Through the making and photographing of diorama settings her work focuses on the intriguing atmosphere of forests and bog lands. 

Anastasia Comelli

Anastasia Comelli Anastasia Comelli’s practice includes both non-narrative and visual narratives of filmmaking and photography. In both formats she sees the world through a lens, capturing worlds that challenge her artistic ability and pose a question to her audience about her common themes of femininity and cultural identity. She has a strong style for hyper-visual imagery that looks at the multiple facets of what women can be. 

Bernadette Mc Namara

Bernadette McNamara Bernadette is an avid amateur photographer who enjoys travel especially Thailand and Vietnam, and has been a member of Edwardstown Photography club for 3 years, which has helped increase her passion for photography.

Caitlin Horn

Caitlin Horn Caitlin is a 22-year-old passionate photographer. She enjoys capturing the best things in day to day life with creativity, that she can do to the best of my ability. 

Caleb Hodgett

Caleb Hodgett Caleb is a hobbyist photographer residing in Port Noarlunga and currently undertaking a Bachelor of Psychology. Caleb prides himself on observational photography and finding nuances. 

Chryssi Haramis-Niaouris

Chryssi Haramis-Niaouris Chryssi taught herself to use to use a camera for her European family holiday. She now tries to photograph the world’s beauty, finding humour in the scenes that she captures.  

Claire Shaw

Claire Shaw Claire is a year 12 student who is highly drawn to landscape photography. Claire feels photography is a great way to express her creativity.

Craig Blake

Craig Blake.jpg Craig started photography over 20 years ago with Carclew youth arts. Now, a passion for community sport and a love for the camera, the action shots and our beautiful landscapes and wildlife is what drives him for that perfect shot.  

Danny Jenkins

Danny Jenkins Danny is a commercial and fine art photographer based in Adelaide. He has extensive experience in a number of photographic genres, a real people person whose photographic passion extends from the Corporate Architectural photo shoot to all things nature and the great outdoors. 

Davide Gaglio

Davide Gaglio Davide has a contagious passion for our natural world and for sharing its beauty with others. As an environmental scientist, photographer and filmmaker, he advocates for the natural connection between ecosystems, encompassing the environment and the people within it. 

Elmar Akhmetov

Elmar-Akhmetov_small.jpg Elmar is a landscape photographer from Melbourne, Australia. Starting out with photography in 2007, he won the Low Light nomination in 2013 Sony World Photography Award. 

Fiona Borthwick

Fiona---profile-pic_small.jpg Fiona Borthwick is an Adelaide based visual artist working primarily in analogue and digital photography. Her practice explores constructs of identity through ideas of memory and its connection to place. 

Gail Kilby

Gail Kilby Gail is rarely out without her camera.  She also sews costumes, which she incorporates into photography as digital art. Her dog photography has been published in fundraising calendars for a local community dog school. 

Hayley Hays

Hayley Hays Hayley fell in love with photography from a young age, thanks mostly to her Great Nan. Almost 10 years ago, she bought her very first camera and gave photography a shot! Hayley had an interest in capturing special moments and beautiful landscapes since and loves that she can freeze a memory forever. 


Hormoz Hormoz is a photographer and director. His major works include the solo exhibitions “Bestial”, “Ajutila”, the photography books “Baptême”, “Another” and the feature film “I dreamt under the water”. He mainly explores surrealistic, nightclubbing and social issues. 

Ivy Balmer

Ivy Balmer Ivy Balmer is a young South Australian artist, who loves to paint, draw and take photos. She is currently doing her degree of Bachelor of arts at Flinders University.  

Jan Jasiewicz

Jan Jasiewicz Jan is an Aldinga Beach photographer, who works with digital and analogue film. He has a passion for capturing images of the contemporary and the iconic. 

Jen Frith

Jen Frith Jen is a collector of stories, chasing fleeting expressions and the moments in-between. Moments of grace when the ordinary shines so exquisitely. You'll find her in the sun and under the stars, transfixed by light and all that are in it. 

John Walther

John Walther John is a 50-year-old male who is married with two wonderful children and a very supportive wife. john really enjoys photography and is continually learning new ways of capturing moments. 

Lia Asrawe

Lia Asrawe Lia is a hobbyist photographer, she loves to capture dramatic landscapes from around the world, specifically from her home of South Australia. Lia’s goal is to capture a memory that can be revisited forever. 

Matthew Orr

Matthew Orr Matthew has always loved photography but never had the time or money to invest into it.  

A pilot’s license came first then family came along. Luckily time in the oil field has helped him get some photography gear and now his journey begins. 

Melissa Fairclough

Melissa Fairclough As a photographer, Melissa’s aim is to bring focus to the little things in life, reminding as many people as she can to slow down and appreciate the moments they might otherwise miss.  

Morgan Giles

Morgan Giles Morgan enjoys both photography and many different art styles. She especially enjoys combining mediums such as photography and digital art. You can find more of her work on instagram

Selina Wallace

Selina is a photographic artist exploring the relationship between women and culture, and how we are influenced by the world around us. Performative photography enables conversations about inequalities and perceived gender expectations.

Selina Wallace


Instagram: @selinawallace  




Steve Farrimond

Steve Farrimond Steve is a wildlife photographer, passionate about the conservation and protection of our planets endangered and vulnerable species. Steve is aiming to raise awareness and encourage others to consider how we save our planets wildlife.  

A minimum of 50% of all sales of his photography is donated to foundations he supports for wildlife conservation. 

Sue McKay

Sue McKay Sue McKay is a freelance sports and editorial photographer based in Adelaide, South Australia. With the recent shutdown of sporting fixtures due to COVID-19, Sue has expanded into fine art photography. 





Susan Belperio

Susan Belperio Sue is a visual storyteller, focussing on quirky vignettes of family and everyday life, along with the sea, sky, reflections & abstractions. In her image, ‘Swirling Seas’ Sue discovered magic overlapping with reality.

Instagram: @susanbelperio


Facebook: susanbelperiophotography


Tabitha Lawless

Tabitha Lawless Tabitha is a creative & missionary, currently living in Adelaide. She has spent the last few years studying, travelling the globe and working with a missionary organisation called YWAM. These experiences have deeply inspired the way she captures the raw & simplistic moments of the outdoors and the world around her. 

Taylor Parham

Taylor Parham Taylor Parham is a current Masters of Contemporary Arts student at UniSA. He often spends his nights exploring the city and suburbs of Adelaide, photographing the mundane from a perspective that appears both familiar and unfamiliar.