Arts and culture

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic the arts and events teams have been working hard to sustain our ongoing support of artists amidst the terrible impact of cancellations, closures and the associated trauma suffered by the arts sector. When the lockdowns hit, we, like everyone were propelled into plan B mode to find ways to offer the festival as a digital experience and maintain our support of the participating artists in the event that the closures would be sustained. 

Whilst at the time of writing this, the threat seems to be slowly subsiding, we have maintained our planning to encompass the unexpected and present a new look online platform that both celebrates the photographers work as well as the artist behind the lens with the plan that digital and reality can converge to present a festival of both light and dark and in these strange times, surrender and thank fully resurrection. 

We would like to thank all the participating artists and venues for their continued support of this boutique arts festival understanding that commitments were forged through very trying and challenging times for all involved. We pay homage not only to the images and the ‘perfect shot‘ but to the perseverance and dedication to their craft by all the contributing creatives and similarly to the generous host venues (from cellar door to random wall), for without you there would be no reason to travel through our beautiful region to sample these incredible visions.