About us

Shimmer old covers

Celebrating photographers of all competencies, Shimmer platforms current photographic trends alongside traditional technologies to pay homage to the ‘perfect shot’ and the vast array of alchemic processes that develop, print and capture life in all its complexity.

Shimmer festival of photography was first held within the City of Onkaparinga in 2010. Since its inception as a photographic biennale, Shimmer has been singularly hosted within our city boundaries, in venues ranging from cellar doors to city streets, reflecting the Councils ongoing commitment to generating supportive and longstanding foundations to sustain our arts, wine and hospitality industries and to bring to our wider community a vast array of creative experiences.  

Being the only South Australian photography festival for many years, Shimmer has built a firm reputation for genuinely providing an indispensable local platform from which to inclusively elevate and celebrate the best of contemporary photography.

We are proud to host this ever-changing festival and look forward to sharing Shimmer with you in 2020.