Presentations, workshops and other support

1. Community presentations

Our Waste and Recycling Education and Environmental Sustainability Officers are available for guest speaker presentations. Minimum group size 10 people.

War on Waste Q&A

Learn more about what the City of Onkaparinga is doing to minimise and manage waste. Find out just what can go in your recycling bin and how to dispose of other materials.

Presentations are provided by our Waste Education Officers and range from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on group requirements.

Simple Steps to Sustainability

Learn about the easy changes you can make to reduce your impact on the environment.  You'll discover how to lower your energy and water bills, recycle right, connect with nature, get involved with food and growing locally and access low cost workshops and events.

Presentations are provided by our Environmental Sustainability Officer and range from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on group requirements (and can include a tour of the McLaren Vale Green Hub demonstration site).


If you would like to book any of our community presentations, please fill out our online booking form or contact our Customer Relations team on 8384 0666. Once received, an officer will contact you to progress your enquiry.

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2. School presentations

Our Waste and Recycling Education officers are available to visit schools to present our Recycling Revolution programs: a range of interactive and entertaining sessions on waste minimisation and resource management.

If you would like to book an education program or find out more information, please fill out our online booking form or contact our Customer Relations team on 8384 0666.

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It’s not a load of rubbish!

Using our kerbside bins    

Early years & OSHC         

Get kids involved from the start with recycling, reducing and reusing.

In this session, children are introduced to the kerbside three-bin system, the basics of what goes in which bin and the purpose of recycling.

This session includes a hands-on sorting activity.

Beyond the Bin

Where the waste goes     

Early years – middle primary        

Where does all the stuff go when the bin has been emptied?
Students review what goes in which bin then follow the journey of the contents of the three kerbside bins.

They will also learn more about the processes involved in recovering and composting the contents of the recycling and green organics bins, what the materials are recycled into and how they are used. This loops the discussion back to why it is important to put the right thing in the bin.

Every litter bit hurts

Littering, Dumping & Marine debris           

Early years – upper primary         

This lesson is designed to raise student’s awareness of the growing problem of litter and dumping. Students will be introduced to the different types of litter, what happens to litter after it is dropped and how it enters our waterways and oceans.

They will also learn about the problems associated with litter and marine debris in our creeks and oceans – the danger to wildlife and people. Students will also consider how to tackle the problem of marine litter at individual and community levels and how to educate others about the problem of marine litter.

Mad about worms

Worms and worm composting

Early years

Children are introduced to the vital role worms play in decomposing organic matter – in particular the children’s lunchtime leftovers! They will learn about food composting, what they can and cannot feed worms and how to help look after their worm farm.

This session includes an up-close worm investigation.

FBI Investigation

Fungi, Bacteria and Invertebrates in composting

Middle - upper primary    

In this session students will learn how soil organisms recycle organic wastes through composting.  They will come to understand that in nature, soil organisms like fungus, bacteria and invertebrates digest organic material such as leaves, dead plants and animals.

Students will then be introduced to the basic differences between a worm farm and a compost bin and their importance in helping to reduce organic waste and keeping it out of landfill. Students will learn how these systems work and how to look after one at home or school.

They will also have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the worms and see how a worm farm operates.

Nude your food

Waste free lunches

Middle - upper primary    

Students will learn how our daily activities can have an impact on the environment and the small steps everyone can take to reduce this impact. 

This session focuses on building greater understandings about the effect that food choices have on the health of our environment. Students will gain a greater understanding of the terms reduce, reuse, recycle, compost, landfill, waste and litter. 

Students will be asked to analyse a selection of lunch box items to identify opportunities to reduce their waste and discuss steps they can take.

Ready! Packaged or Not

History of packaging

Middle - upper primary    

This session is designed to raise student awareness of the history and purposes of packaging. Students will be introduced to the functions of packaging and its environmental impacts by discussing the types of materials used for packaging.

In this session students will develop an understanding of the benefits and costs of packaging and will be encouraged to critically examine the various aspects of packaging including the environmental value of recycled packaging. 

Students will consider issues associated with packaging when making their personal purchasing choices whilst also considering the importance of recyclable packaging as an environmental friendly industry.


3. Workshops and events

Our Sustainability team run many free workshops and events for City of Onkaparinga residents that include various aspects of recycling and waste minimisation such as composting at home.


4. Schools waste management support

The City of Onkaparinga is committed to reducing waste and increasing the recovery, reuse and recycling of resources. 

Our Waste and Recycling Education team are available to support schools develop school waste management plans and implement waste and minimisation practices with ideas such as:

Practical advice

Officers are available to visit your school and provide practical advice about waste disposal as well as recycling infrastructure and services.

Interactive school bin audits with older students can be arranged on request. Audit results are provided to the school to assist formulation of waste management plans.

Free education resources and presentations

The Recycling Revolution Education Resources and education presentations are free waste education services offered to schools and kindergartens.        

The Recycling Revolution programs are run by education officers, and are interactive and entertaining sessions on waste minimisation and resource management.

Wally and the Wipe Out Waste Wizard show and bin materials audit

An amazing offer to schools committed to whole school education and maximising waste diversion/recycling.

We have teamed up with Wipe Out Waste (WOW) to offer a limited number of FREE performances by Bright Spark Entertainment combined with school bin materials audits.

This entertaining and interactive 45 minute performance covers reducing food packaging in schools and preschools, recycling systems and use of two and three bin systems. The audience is Preschool - Year 4/5 students, school staff and parents.

While the show is on, we offer an out of classroom experience with older students or SRC members to audit a day’s worth of material from your school. An audit will allow you to assess how effectively current management systems for waste, recyclables and organics are working at your site.

Expressions of interest welcome - limited sessions available per annum.

Please note: this program is only available to schools with or establishing school-wide recycling and waste minimisation practices.

Workshop options for high school students

Education officers are available to visit high schools to talk about ways to minimise waste. Sessions for high schools are tailored on request.

Kerbside collection service

Council offers a kerbside waste and recycling service to schools based on student enrolment. Additional services are available for an annual fee.

Waste Nott Recycling Store

A treasure trove of art and craft materials, the Waste Nott store is diverting resources from landfill and redistributing discarded goods as low-cost supplies for art, education and fun.

View opening times and more information.

Bookings and more information

If you would like to book an education session or find out more information about any of these services, please contact our Waste and Recycling Education team: