Litter clean up kits

Council has litter clean up kits available to assist our community to pick up litter.

From corporate clean ups to a clean-up in a park after a barbecue, the group kits are available to residents, schools, clubs, kindergartens, businesses and community groups in the City of Onkaparinga area.

Thank you for helping keep Onkaparinga tidy!

How to book a kit

As we have a limited number of kits, it is advisable to book these kits in advance. Litter collection kits will be reserved and loaned in the order requests are received.

Use our online form below to register to borrow a litter clean-up kit.

Book a kit

Once we receive your request, you can expect to hear from us within 2-3 business days to confirm that the kits are available on the date/s requested.

Please note: the completion of this form does not guarantee that the kits are available.

Kits can be picked up and dropped off Monday-Friday between 7 am – 3:30 pm at the DELIVERIES / STORES building at the City of Onkaparinga Field Operations Centre on Railway Road, Seaford Meadows.

Please ensure to bring a copy of the confirmation email in order to check-out kits. Kits will NOT be released without a copy of the confirmation email.

These kits are lent to you free-of-charge and we require them be returned clean and intact, so we can continue to offer this free service to our community.

Fees may apply if kit items are missing or significantly damaged.


What do the kits include?

Community kit (3 kits available)

Please note that gloves are not provided with these kits.

  • 10 x litter grabbers
  • 10 x 20 litre collection buckets
  • 15 x green safety vests (assorted sizes)
  • 1 x sharps container & tongs
  • 3 x large heavy duty rubbish bags and ties
  • 1 x hanging scale

Junior primary and upper primary kits (schools only)

  • 30 x tongs
  • 30 x 12 litre collection buckets
  • 30 x green safety vests
  • 2 x green safety vests (adults)
  • 2 x large heavy duty rubbish bags and ties
  • 1 x hanging scale

Preschool kit (preschools only)

  • 30 x mini tongs
  • 30 x 3 litre collection buckets
  • 30 x green safety vests
  • 2 x green safety vests (adult)
  • 1 x large heavy duty rubbish bag and tie
  • 1 x hanging scale

Where and how can I clean up?

Any place with litter can be cleared, whether public or private land.

The best location would be a place you and others love, that’s easy to access and easy to clean up.

When deciding to hold a litter clean-up, here are a few steps for you to consider:

  1. Choose an area to tidy up.
    You might want to consider routes to schools, parks, playgrounds, public footpaths, green spaces, bus stops, nature reserves, school grounds or anywhere else people gather.
    Remember, if you are just getting started, pick a simple challenge!

  2. Visit the area you'd like to clean-up to make sure it's a safe place for you and your group to work.
    You can download our Risk Assessment template(PDF, 306KB) to assist with evaluating your clean-up site.
    Make sure to stay out of any restricted or unsafe areas.

  3. Get permission from the landowner if it's on private land.

  4. Check if there are any other local community groups you could join in your area.

  5. If needed, book a litter clean-up kit.

Where do I dispose of rubbish collected?

We would encourage you to recycle any suitable items collected. For details of what you can recycle please visit our online A-Z disposal guide.

To dispose of the litter you’ve collected, you can either take your bags home for kerbside collection or organise a collection.

If needed, you can book a collection as part of the kit booking form.

Before booking a kit, please have a look at rubbish in the area where you’ll be doing your clean-up. If needed, you can book a collection as part of the kit registration form.

Please arrange to return the kit to our Field Operations Centre in Seaford Meadows on an agreed day. 

Is there anything I shouldn't pick up?

Please do not pick up dog waste, glass or needles without the appropriate equipment including gloves, litter grabber, poop scoopers / bags or sharps container.

If you come across any hazardous waste e.g. asbestos, do not pick it up. 

Please report it directly to the council via our Contact Us page or call our Customer Service team on 8384 0666.

Do I need insurance?

If you represent a school, community group or an organisation you may already have insurance in place, but please check that this will cover you for a clean-up event.

For group activities, we recommend that you obtain public liability insurance to cover you for any accidental damage or injury that may occur during the event.

If you register your clean-up event with Clean Up Australia, all registered and approved Clean Up sites are covered by Clean Up Australia's Public Liability Insurance.

Please note that Clean Up Australia does not provide Personal Accident or Injury Cover.

Health and safety

To keep everyone safe please download and read our health and safety guidelines before organising a clean-up. Litter collection is done at your own risk.

Litter Clean-Up Health & Safety guidelines(PDF, 160KB)

Do I need to replace any bags used?

No, but you can return any unused bags and cable ties with the rest of your kit.

Please return the sharps container if not used.

How long do I have the kit?

The standard loan period is one week. 

Longer loans can be negotiated with our Waste and Recycling Education team at or call 8384 0666.

Can I clean-up litter on my own?

You sure can! And thank you for helping keep Onkaparinga clean.

If you're cleaning up litter as an individual or family, you'll need to dispose of any waste or recycling you collect in your household bins or a public litter bin. Extra kudos to you if you manage to recycle any bottles or cans!

Before your litter collection, please read our Litter Clean-Up Health & Safety Guidelines(PDF, 160KB).

If you are considering a regular litter clean-up routine, check out Adopt A Spot Scheme – a local volunteer based environmental group of passionate litter collectors.

Teachers - Why not follow up with a litter audit?

Why not expand on a litter clean-up with a litter audit?

An audit is a great way to launch a litter reduction campaign at your school. If students find out how much litter is in and around school grounds, targets can be set and you then have a ‘baseline’ for measuring change.

Not only does addressing litter support the school curriculum sustainability priority, it encourages students to become engaged and active members of the community.

Litter audit forms and auditing guidelines are available on our Waste Education & Support page.