Educational play (games)

We offer a selection of games and resources to support educational play, focussing on recycling, waste minimisation and sustainability.

Available from the Aberfoyle Park, Seaford or Woodcroft toy libraries, these resources are available for City of Onkaparinga residents and educational organisations.

Please note: no reservations are available for these resources.


Ages 8+

An eco-friendly version of Monopoly. All the paper is recyclable. The ink is vegetable oil-based ink. The game pieces are either made by nature or completely recyclable.

The game uses carbon credits, clean air and recycling incentives to increase property values. The tokens include the following: a lima bean, a piece of corn, a piece of crystal from Arkansas, a walnut pyramid, a bamboo ring, a shell and a Carnelian stone.

Eco Bingo Bears

Ages 3+

RRR! The new three R's! A fun bingo game where Eco Bear teaches children to reduce, reuse, recycle. Ideal for encouraging children to be more eco aware and put into practice tips picked up along the way.

Eco Game

Age 3+

A fun board game to make children aware of environmental issues. As players move around the board, they learn about the ecosystem and explore water, energy and waste cycles.

The game identifies ways to reduce energy consumption, recycle waste and conserve water. Cause and effect and the impact these have on the environment are examined.

ECO Squad and R-Eco

Age 8+

In Eco Squad, players are confronted with environmental challenges in homes, cities and factories. By playing cards from their hands, they can implement solutions to these situations.

R-Eco: A local city has a problem of un-separated trash left by citizens. Each player is a company that does the trash separation and recycling. By carrying trash to corresponding storage places, a player gets points. However if you carry too much, you must throw trash away illegally! Well, after all, your aim is to get money...

Eco Town

Age 3+

Build your own ecological-friendly town with houses, trees, bicycles, recycle bin and rainwater tanks that teach young ones to care for the environment and promotes environmental awareness.

The town on each playing board can be joined together in many different ways for more creative play.

The perfect dice game to encourage little green kids to learn to save our environment.

Mini-bin Game

Ages 4+

The Mini-bin Game includes miniature versions of your home bin system and picture cards of items to be sorted. Kids get thinking about helping the earth as they sort objects into recycling, green organics and waste to landfill.

Mission Earth

Age 7+

"Join the Earth Heroes on a quest to save the planet!"

It is time for kids to take charge and rescue Earth, which has been ruined by adults. The players are time travelling heroes who must make their way back to Earth from 2259AD and save it from destruction.

The game includes a Team Play option where co-operation is essential, instead of playing as individuals. There is no waste in the game - the box becomes the board, all the components are made from recycled materials.

Produced by a team of high school students as part of Young Enterprise.

Recycling Memo game

Age 3+

An excellent game for teaching children about which things from your household waste can be recycled.  Great for learning how to take turns, promotes memory skills and concentration.

Ideal for early numeracy skills.  It doesn’t have to be played as a game, can be used for imaginative play time with the little trucks and houses.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Age 7+

Children will learn how to care for the planet as they race around the game board, picking up tips and rewards for "green" behaviour.

Respect the Earth flashcards

Age 5 +

Respect the Earth flashcards offer practical ways to exercise environmental responsibility, while introducing the general themes of “reduce, reuse, recycle”.

Parents and teachers should encourage questions and help research more detailed answers than are offered on the cards.

Ten Green Bottles

Ages 3+

If one green bottle should accidentally fall....

Be the first to match your ten green bottle cards with ten dotty numbered cards to win this fun bottle recycling game.

Paper Beads - recycled paper bead maker

Age 5+

The Recycled Paper Beads Kit teaches the value of recycling in a hands-on way. Simply insert strips of paper into the tool and turn the handle to create decorative paper beads.

The paper bead tool fits most plastic bottle designs (for storing beads as they’re made).