Australasian recycling label

If you look at the back of a box of cereal, you might see some new symbols indicating how to dispose of each of the packaging components.

These labels are part of the new Australasian Recycling Label being rolled out nationally to help make the decision over which bin to dispose of things easier for us all.  

Graphic showing what each of the Australasian recycling label symbols mean.


This is an opt-in system. For packaging to be approved to have the label, companies must have submitted evidence about what the packaging is made of. It is not possible for a piece of packaging to have the Australasian Recycling Label without a PREP assessment that backs up disposal claims.

However, the Australasian Recycling Label is nationwide, and for a label to be on packaging there needs to be access to the disposal option for 80% of the population. This means that there still might be some variation in disposal options in your local council area and you should check your local council website to check if unsure.

For more information on the labels please visit Planet Ark


Plastic Resin Identification Codes

1 PET  2-HDPE.png 3-PVC.png 4-LDPE.png 5-PP.png 6-PS.png 7-OTHER.png

These are not recycling symbols.

They are Plastic Resin Identification Codes; and indicate the type of plastic the item is made from, NOT their recyclability.

Please search the A-Z guide for the item description (e.g. soft drink bottle) for appropriate disposal information.