Composting at home

Published on 06 May 2022

Composting is the breaking down of organic matter (things that were once living), and you can make compost at home by recycling your food and garden waste. 

There are a range of benefits to composting, not just in diverting waste from landfill (reducing greenhouse gas emissions), but in saving you money on expensive fertilisers, and greatly improving the soil and plants in your garden. 

If you’ve ever thought of composting, but have never gotten around to it, these videos and guides will have you using a traditional compost bin, Bokashi or worm farm like a pro in no time. The guides include: 

  • an overview on types of systems and bins 
  • tricks and tips on getting started 
  • what materials to add to use and what not to use when composting 
  • troubleshooting 
  • where to use your compost 
  • how to make compost tea

If you would like to get started composting at home using readymade equipment, why not access our Home Composting Subsidy.

Check out our video guides below

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