Dog exercise and prohibited areas

Unfenced exercise areas

Unless otherwise signposted, our parks and reserves are available for the off-leash exercise of dogs (excluding playground areas), plus almost 10 kilometres of our foreshore.

Before deciding if your dog should exercise off leash you should consider if your dog listens to you and immediately obeys your voice commands, in all environments, even when your dog is distracted.

If you are not confident that your dog will respond and obey your voice or signals you should not allow your dog to exercise off leash. Alternatively you should place your dog on a leash.

When your dog is exercising off leash in a public place you must

  • Take responsibility for your dog
  • Supervise your dog
  • Ensure your dog is in close proximity and within eyesight
  • Prevent your dog from disturbing or harming people, birds or animals.

In addition to the map below, dogs are prohibited:

  • within 20m of any skate facility (excluding shared paths in that area)
  • in any playground
  • on any jetty
  • on any school, kindergarten, child care centre or pre-school grounds.

In addition to the map below, dogs must be on-lead:

  • on public roads, footpaths, car parks and private places (without the consent of the occupier)
  • on any shared path (paths used by pedestrians and cyclists)
  • when arriving/leaving foreshore areas.


Dogs off-leash area Dog off-leash area     Dog on-leash area Dog on-leash area   Dog prohibited area Dog prohibited area

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Dog owner responsibilities

  • Supervise your dog at all times
  • Ensure your dog is identified by its current registration disc
  • Pick up after your dog
  • Have effective control over your dog
  • Follow the information/instructions on council signs