Parks and garden bed maintenance

To request maintenance of parks or gardens, see below.

Playgrounds, BBQs and park furniture

If you see any damage or maintenance required to playground equipment, BBQs or park furniture, please lodge a customer request below.


Irrigation refers to the systems that deliver water to plants during dry weather periods to ensure vigour and plant health and supports safe, cool and attractive open spaces.

Being an expensive and limited resource we will ensure that irrigation is applied where most appropriate and in sustainable volumes. We primarily irrigate high profile and high usage reserves and landscapes and around playgrounds.

Sites are visited on a six weekly basis to inspect the system to schedule and/or perform repairs and adjustments.

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Inch ants / bull ants in reserves

Inch ants and bull ants can be a nuisance in parks and reserves when they affect areas where children play. 

You can report an ants nest on our reserves.

Report inch/bull ants on reserves

Gardens beds

We carry out maintenance of garden beds that are found throughout the city on reserves, roadsides and traffic devices such as roundabouts. The frequency of visits varies based on the type of garden beds.

High profile
High profile landscapes are defined as memorials and prominent locations which are irrigated and/or have a high visual profile in relation to tourism and aesthetics.

These are scheduled to be visited on either a weekly or three weekly basis year round and are mulched annually. Replanting is prioritised and will align with a design or theme, some examples include Eternal Flame, Gemmel Tassie Memorial, Pt Noarlunga Memorial, Rotary Park, Market Square and Ellis Park.

Township streetscapes
Defined as linear landscapes that reflect the character of the location and have high amenity value. These landscapes are often irrigated to ensure longevity of the plants and are scheduled to be visited on a four weekly basis year round, mulched as required. Replanting is planned and will align with a design or theme. Examples include Willunga streetscape, McLaren Vale streetscape and Aldinga streetscape.

General landscapes are defined as non-irrigated reserve and roadside landscapes with moderate amenity value. These are scheduled to be visited on a six weekly basis year round and mulched as required. Replanting is undertaken as opportunity and resources allow. Examples are John Nichol Reserve, Riverbend Reserve, Hutchinson Reserve.

Natural areas
Natural areas such as coastal vegetation, wetland vegetation, watercourse vegetation, trail vegetation and bushland vegetation have site specific maintenance plans are developed for each site, which determine the required visitation frequencies to achieve standards.

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