Where to find native vegetation

Our natural landscapes are what attract many people to this region. They include majestic ranges, rolling foothills, fertile plains, meandering watercourses and a stunning coastline. These areas are home to unique native plants and animals that have survived the pressures from development.

Our city is lucky to have five Conservation Parks which are managed by the Government of South Australia.

  • Aldinga Scrub
  • Moana Sands
  • Onkaparinga River
  • Scott Creek
  • Sturt Gorge

We also manage hundreds of hectares of native vegetation but many of these areas are small or isolated patches and many native animal species are struggling to survive.

Check out the Urban Creek Recovery Project map to find out where you can see some native vegetation and the work happening there.

Our native bushland reserves contain a rich range of plants and animals, many of which are at risk of becoming extinct in this region. Please help us protect them.


Native grasses such as this Wallaby grass are important home for many native birds and caterpillars of some native butterflies.


Native wildlife relies on native vegetation for food and shelter. This Crested Shrike-tit is looking for insects to eat.