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Nature Conservation starts in your backyard!

One of the key threats to our remaining areas of native vegetation comes from our gardens. Many weeds that invade our bushland, wetlands, waterways or coastal reserves have ‘escaped’ from gardens. They may have been spread by:

  • seed carried by wind
  • water
  • birds or other animals
  • dumped garden waste
  • well-intentioned planting.

By using native plants that are local to this region, you can reduce your impact on the natural environment as well as having an attractive garden that is easy to care for. This is because the plants are suited to the local soils and weather conditions. Native plants will also provide an ongoing source of nutritious food and shelter for native wildlife such a birds and butterflies.

What plants attract local wildlife

Find out which plants to grow in your garden to attract and provide a home for local wildlife and support a diverse environment by using the link below for the SA Botanic Gardens plant selector tool.

Native plant selector


How can I attract butterflies to my garden

For a great collection of books, resources and links to help you build or further your butterfly knowledge or find out about regular talks and events use the link below.

Butterfly Conservation SA

What native plants should I use

Green Adelaide have two booklets to help you create a healthy, attractive garden using native plants that thrive in our local conditions. Use the link below to access great garden designs information with step-by-step advice on sourcing, planting and caring for native local plants.

 Native Garden Planting Guides

How can I access free trees and shrubs?

Jump over to our Get Planting page to find out how you can access free trees and shrubs as part of One Tree Per Child Onkaparinga - starting in 2024.


These two baby Tawny Frogmouths were born in an urban backyard tree. A great example of the habitat potential that gardens can have.

Tawny frogmouths

Native plants can be an attractive and hardy addition to any garden


Many native plants are important habitat for butterflies like this Saltbush Blue butterfly spotted on a native saltbush in a backyard