Woodcroft Green Hub tours

Woodcroft Community Centre

Woodcroft Community Centre is our northern green hub demonstration site.  It showcases the type of building upgrades and systems that businesses can put in place to reduce energy and water consumption, waste to landfill and greenhouse gas emissions.

The centre is home to the Woodcroft Library, Council Customer Services and Woodcroft-Morphett Vale Neighbourhood Centre.

Free tours are available on request, so why not be inspired on changes you could make to your business to be a little greener and save money in the process.  

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Key green features

  • 100 kW solar PV system
  • Passive design – external shading, high performance glazing, insulation
  • Solar hot water system providing water heated by renewable energy to kitchen and bathrooms
  • Use of natural light and ventilation throughout the building
  • Smart building controls to adjust artificial lighting and air conditioning according to outside conditions and the needs of building users
  • 70,000L of rainwater storage harvested for toilet flushing and irrigation needs
  • Drought tolerant and water sensitive landscaping
  • Water efficient bathroom and kitchenware
  • A community garden filled with fruit and vegetables used in community programs 
  • A Green Team of dedicated staff that ensure environmental initiatives are embedded into the centre’s ethos