Youth Recognition Awards 2021

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Young people are valuable members of our community, they offer unique perspectives, talents and vibrancy which benefit the broader communities in our region.

They often face challenges that require resilience, creativity and positivity and they demonstrate strengths and abilities to overcome them.

Annually the Onkaparinga Youth Committee deliver the Youth Recognition Awards, where young people are recognised, celebrated and honoured for their outstanding actions in improving their communities, self and securing their futures.  

The awards are presented at the City of Onkaparinga Regen Festival and will be presented by
Mayor Erin Thompson.

We receive nominations for the awards from a range of sources including teachers, parents, youth workers and community service leaders. We thank the nominators for their time in making nominations and congratulate the young people nominated for their outstanding personal and community contributions and achievements.

The young people listed in this booklet have been nominated to receive a 2021 Youth Recognition Award from the City of Onkaparinga.

The Youth Recognition Awards are held each year, they are a great opportunity to acknowledge young people for their achievements and contributions to community that are not ordinarily recognised.

As a community, we are fortunate to have such engaged young people, and the Youth Recognition Awards is our humble way of showing gratitude to the valuable leadership and contributions of our young people.

Onkaparinga Youth Committee (OYC)

The OYC is the organising body for the Youth Recognition Awards and consists of young people aged 12-25 years who are passionate about playing an active role in their community. The awards were developed by the OYC as a way of celebrating the valuable contributions young people make to our community.

The OYC is committed to ensuring young people’s views and needs are considered a priority for the
City of Onkaparinga now and into the future.

The aims of the OYC are to:

  • represent the views of young people to elected members, council staff and other organisations or agencies
  • improve community perceptions of young people and bridge the intergenerational gap at times present with the broader community
  • develop and organise positive opportunities and initiatives for young people
  • promote active citizenship.

    The OYC provides young people with the opportunity to:

  • contribute and have a say about their local communities
  • access leadership training and professional development
  • become actively involved in community life and influence community development
  • develop skills and partnerships for working with councils, government and the broader community
  • become involved in the development and implementation of local strategy and policy
  • actively engage in developing and implementing solutions to address issues identified.

If you would like to be a part of the OYC or be provided with more information contact Jolyn Phillipps, Community Development Officer - Youth on 0420 831 179 or