Shopping trolleys

Abandoned shopping trolleys should be reported direct to the relevant retailer.

Retailer  Contact
Aldi Telephone primary ALDI number 132 534 and select option 2 to report a discarded trolley.
1st Choice liquor stores
  Report to Coles Abandoned Trolleys via:
  • the Coles online form
  • phone 1800 TROLLEY (1800 876 553)
  • Coles Supermarket app for iOS and Android
    - select the ‘Report an abandoned trolley’ function
Big W
Dan Murphy's
 Report to Trolley Tracker via:
Foodland Trolley collection is reliant upon consumers calling the nearest Foodland retail outlet or Foodland head office and making a verbal report.


Your responsibilities

If you use a shopping trolley, it is your responsibility to ensure the trolley is returned to the shopping centre property.

On-the-spot fines may apply for littering (discarding or abandoning) a shopping trolley.