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Use this recycling and disposal guide to help with the reuse, recycling and safe disposal options for everyday products and household items.

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These CANNOT go in your household bins or to landfill.

Fuels and household chemicals can be dangerous if they are not stored or disposed of safely and also please be aware that Hazardous Wastes can not be disposed of in the general waste bin as they are harmful to human health and the environment.

You can take your unwanted paint and household chemicals to:

Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre
181 Morphett Road
North Plympton
Ph: 08 8295 5077

Open: Monday to Friday 7am–4pm, Saturday 8am–3pm, Sunday 10am–3pm.


Heathfield Resource Recovery Centre
32 Scott Creek Road
Ph: 08 8339 4323

Open: Monday to Friday 7.30am–4pm, weekends 9am–4pm.

Waste to landfill bin Put all paper, plastic, cloth and metal based adhesive tape in the red/waste to landfill bin.

Where possible please remove as much adhesive tape from any items going in the yellow/recycling bin.

Recycling bin Put it in the yellow/recycling bin.

Please make sure container is empty & remove the plastic lid.

Aerosol paint cans- empty

Recycling bin Empty aerosol cans - put in the yellow/recycling bin.

Cans (food/drink)

Recycling bin  Put it in the yellow/recycling bin.

No need to remove the pull tab. Feel free to crush cans to make more room in your recycling bin.

Remember that most drink cans can also be returned to a bottle & can recycler to claim a 10c refund.


Recycling bin  Clean aluminium foil – scrunch into a fist sized ball and put in the yellow/recycling bin.

Waste to landfill bin Dirty foil / foil with food - put in the red/waste to landfill bin.


Recycling bin  Put it in the yellow/recycling bin.

No food scraps please - scrape clean.

e.g. dog poo, bird, rabbit, guinea pig cage contents such as straw, paper, droppings, seed. See kitty litter entry for appropriate disposal.

Green organics bin  Loose, wrapped in newspaper or bagged in compostable bag - put in the green organics bin.

Waste to landfill bin Bagged in a plastic bag  - put in the red/waste to landfill bin.

This material CANNOT go in your household bins or to landfill.

For guidelines for the safe removal of asbestos and drop off locations refer to  the EPA.

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