Road verge maintenance

A road verge is the strip of council land between a property boundary and the adjacent roadway. They can have a number of important functions such as walkways around a community and providing remnant habitat for native species. Many services such as sewerage, power, phone, etc also run beneath them.

Verge maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner and all verge works must be undertaken in accordance with our Road Verge Landscaping Guidelines (PDF, 1MB)

Residents are required to seek council approval before planting any vegetation on the verge. Our staff can then work with you to ensure what is planted meets various compliances and is not removed at a later stage.

If a footpath has not been installed, residents must leave a 1.5m wide clearance for pedestrian access.

Request residential roadside weed control/removal 

Request rural roadside weed control/removal


Weed spraying on residential verges

If you would prefer to not have weed spraying done on the verge in front of your house, you can request to be added to our 'No Spray Zone' list or alternatively, you can request to be removed from the list at any time.

Request to be added or removed from our No Spray Zone list