14˚ South - Enterprise, Community & Cultural Hub

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14˚ South is the City of Onkaparinga’s vision to create a state of the art enterprise, community and cultural hub for the south.

The vision is to deliver an Enterprise Hub and office spaces to enhance the Noarlunga TAFE campus and modernise and transform the Hopgood Theatre and Noarlunga Library. This investment will significantly increase the vibrancy of Noarlunga regional centre as a place to meet, learn, grow, innovate, celebrate and do business. 

The council led vision for a $22 million state of the art facility will complement the state government’s investment in Lot Fourteen and the Future Industries Exchange for Entrepreneurship (FIXE). It will deliver and enhance cultural experience and provide essential community, economic and educational services for the Fleurieu Peninsula. 


The ambitious plan has been shaped by discussions with the state government and industry stakeholders and feedback will continue to shape and refine the proposal with the view of prioritising elements for delivery.

Supporting  partnerships will cultivate innovation and entrepreneurship, enhance future job development and employment outcomes. Important partners include industry experts, City of Onkaparinga collaborators, schools and higher education providers and On Ambassadors.

What happens at the hub?

Enterprise Hub

 A space for students and businesses to access and connect

  • Connection of industry and enterprise between southern Adelaide and Lot Fourteen 
  • A conduit (via hub and spoke model) for students and businesses to access and connect to Lot Fourteen and investment opportunities
  • Ensure the TAFE SA site engages with the catchment area for southern Adelaide (south of Tonsley) and for the Fleurieu Peninsula
  • Cultivating entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Employment, skill development, career pathways
  • Gig City connectivity for cyber industry
  • Home to the ON Business Partner Program supporting economic growth across industry sectors
  • Business collaboration and alliance
  • Meeting and work spaces for students, industry and schools to collaborate
  • Management by Stone & Chalk
  • On Business Partner Program Ambassadors 

Professional and Community Services

Including a home for ON Business Partner Program and office space
  • Home of specialist ON Business Partner Program economic development support staff
  • Relocation of up to 200 City of Onkaparinga staff to activate space
  • Shared space with state government DPTI and DIS to form an anchor
  • Youth and community services (staff from Commonwealth House)
  • Project office support for Aldinga School and South Road duplication projects
  • Onkaparinga Youth Enterprise Hub (OYEH) 


Hopgood Theatre

'State of the art' refurbishment to allow flexible space for diversified activities

  • Industry and cultural exchange
  • Revitalised theatre and supporting programs building capacity of creative industries with links back into Lot Fourteen
  • Supporting community arts, schools, and the broader art sector across the Fleurieu
  • Performing arts
  • Education
  • State of the art technology, facilities to support functions and conference centre


The Plaza and Atrium

A new gateway entrance, iconic plaza and activated gathering space

  • Precinct gateway to the Hub and TAFE SA 
  • Activated and inspiring gathering spaces with direct and open connections to each component of the Hub
  • Terraced outdoor learning and breakout spaces
  • Meeting and presentation facilities
  • Landscape amenity complementing and growing investment in Ramsay Place
  • Commercial opportunity for pop-up cafe


Resource Centre

Include revitalisation of the Noarlunga Library, connecting all levels of education, creating a community hub for lifelong learning

  • Connecting all levels of education together
  • Flexible multipurpose spaces
  • Lifelong learning
  • Access to resources
  • Feeder into entrepreneurial programs, schools and networks through the Enterprise Precinct environment which re-imagines the function of the traditional knowledge space of a library

Industry Links

The City of Onkaparinga is seeking investment from government and industry towards a catalyst development opportunity which will forge links between education, industry, arts, entrepreneurs and the community.

The vision will further support industry, cultural exchange and supporting arts:

  • To support TAFE addressing southern Adelaide youth unemployment via new apprenticeships and traineeships, and supporting state government’s Skilling South Australia vision
  • Focus on exciting growth sectors and industries such as defence, mining, space, cybersecurity, circular economies, hospitality and tourism, STEM and EV automotive
  • Become a regional satellite for Lot Fourteen, connecting industry, enterprise and the Future Industries Exchange for Entrepreneurship (FIXE) from the city to Tonsley, through to southern Adelaide, McLaren Vale and the Fleurieu Peninsula
  • Become a hub for community arts, culture and education through a revitalised Hopgood Theatre and conference centre
  • Provide dynamic Gig City enabled co-working spaces for start ups and entrepreneurs, and linking industry and entrepreneurs to events and networks
  • Become home to City of Onkaparinga’s ON Business Partner Program, accessible to the region’s job seekers and more than 9,000 businesses.

14˚ South is a unique development proposal which is forecasted to inject up to $29 million to South Australia’s economy annually and support 260 jobs. The education and employment outcomes would also significantly contribute to the government’s 3% growth target for the state’s economy.


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