Impounded, lost and found dogs


If your dog escapes your yard and is lost.

Check our impound list of found dogs below, in addition try the RSPCA, Animal Welfare League and local vets. 

Report your lost dog on Dogs and Cats Online this will assist us to return your dog when found. You may also wish to use social media to report your dog missing as another way to find your pet. 

If you have found a dog, please contact our office on (08) 8384 0666 between 8.30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday or after hours on (08) 8384 0622.

Alternatively you can take the dog to your local vet if outside our business hours. 

Found dogs are checked for identification such as registration number, owners contact details or microchip details.

If the owner cannot be identified or contacted or the dog has been involved in an attack the dog may be impounded.

Our impound facilities are located at the RSPCA 25 Meyer Road, Lonsdale SA 5160. For shelter hours please visit the the RSPCA

If we find a dog and cannot identify its owner it will be impounded at the RSPCA.

All current impounded dogs are listed below.  To reclaim your dog you will need:

  • proof of ownership
  • identification ie drivers licence
  • to pay impound and microchipping fees (if your dog was not microchipped)
  • if your dog is not registered, register your dog


Impounded dogs may be collected from the RSPCA at 25 Meyer Road, Lonsdale SA 5160
10am-4pm Monday, Wednesday - Friday (closed Tuesday)
10am-2pm Saturday and Sunday
1300 4 777 22 (during opening hours)

Current Impound Dogs (Last 7 Days)

Click on the impounded heading above for details on how to reclaim your dog.

RSPCA Reference Number: 147981

Impounded On November 14, 2019 2:58:00

  • Street/Suburb found : Humphreys st Christie Downs
  • Breed : Staff x
  • Colour : Black
  • Sex : Female
  • Additional Info : Blue reflective collar
  • Microchip Number : 956000010248815

RSPCA Reference Number: 140051

Impounded On November 12, 2019 9:00:00

  • Street/Suburb found : Main South Rd Morphett Vale -SAH
  • Breed : STAFFY
  • Colour : Brindle
  • Sex : Male
  • Desexed : No
  • Microchip Number : 956000010546006

RSPCA Reference Number: 148314

Impounded On November 11, 2019 15:27:00

  • Street/Suburb found : Sheidow Park
  • Breed : Staffordshire Bull TerrierStaff X Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Colour : Brindle
  • Sex : Female
  • Desexed : No

RSPCA Reference Number: 147691

Impounded On October 18, 2019 15:50:00

  • Street/Suburb found : OLD Reynella Vet 227 Old South Road OLD REYNELLA
  • Breed : Staffy X
  • Colour : Black
  • Sex : Female
  • Desexed : Yes
  • Additional Info : Wearing green material collar, aged approx 9.5 years
  • Microchip Number : 985 121 004 877 167
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