1. Desexing

For the first time, RSPCA South Australia and Onkaparinga Council are working together to implement a targeted free cat desexing program – the largest of its kind ever in Australia – available to all residents of the Onkaparinga District. 

Find out more or register on the RSPCA website.

Click on this link for information about microchipping and desexing requirements.

2. Cat containment

Cats do not need to roam outdoors to be happy. Providing their basic needs are met, cats enjoy longer and healthier lives when safely confined.

For great suggestions on how to contain your cat and enrich its environment check out Good Cats play at home.

3. Stray cats

Reduce the number of semi-owned cats

If you own a cat and can no longer care for it, do not dump it. Not only is this cruel but it is also illegal under the Animal Welfare Act 1985. Try to re-home the cat or take it to a shelter.

Do not feed a cat that is not yours

Feeding a cat that is not yours is not caring for it.

Take it to your local vet or a shelter. The cat will be scanned for a microchip, examined for a desexing tattoo and have a general health check.

If it is unowned or cannot be reunited with its owner, you have the option of taking full ownership of the cat or it can be adopted.

If you decide to keep a stray cat, you need to be prepared to do the responsible thing and have it desexed and consider containing it to your property.

Feeding unowned cats allows them to breed, continuing the cycle of nuisance and feral cats spreading disease and killing wildlife.

4. Nuisance cats

There are things you can do to discourage persistent nuisance cats. Visit Good Cat SA for proven tips and advice.

If the nuisance persists after you have taken reasonable steps to address the issue, contact our Community Safety Team on 8384 0666.

Our officers may be able to provide you with further advice on how to deter cats from entering your property.

5. Cat cage hire

Cage hire unvailable

We cannot receive cats at this time due to the low rates of adoption and high number already being cared for at the RSPCA. If residents do trap an unidentified cat their alternative is to take it to a vet.

Cat cages can be purchased from commercial providers.

Residents can access our cat cage hire program in order to trap nuisance stray cats on their property. Trapping should only be considered as a last resort.

For more information about trapping nuisance cats and to book a cage, please click here: Trapping a nuisance animal for removal from your property.

6. Cat Owner's Handbook

The Dog and Cat Management Board has published its latest edition of the  Cat Owners’ Handbook  which provides:

  • Information on how to care for your cat
  • Strategies to prevent your cat causing public nuisance or injury
  • Information on the legal requirements for owning a cat in South Australia