Additional dog application

Are you about to get one or more new dogs?

A permit is required to keep more than two dogs at a residential property or more than three dogs at a rural property.



Make sure you have the relevant information

In order to apply you will need to let us know 

  • How many additional dogs you are seeking permission for
  • If the doogs are desexed
  • If the dogs are microchipped
  • Your address and contact details
  • If you are a breeder please call 8384 0666 to discuss your application

Before approval is given, one of our Community Rangers may need to visit and inspect your property

Complete the online form

Use the online form to submit your initial request. 

Additional dog application

Book an inspection 

Your application will be assessed and a Community Ranger will be in touch to arrange a date and time for an inspection. 

Receive permit

After the inspection has been completed and upon final approval of the application, you will receive your permit in the mail.