Pools and spas

Development approval for a new pool

Development approval is required for a new swimming pool, spa pool and safety fencing. We will check:

  • the details and location of safety barriers
  • the safety of the pump
  • the adequacy of structural support for the swimming pool or spa pool.

Fencing must be installed before a new pool is filled with water.

Above-ground or inflatable pools and 'portable' spa pools

If the swimming pool, including an inflatable pool, or spa pool has a filtration system you will:

  • need to get approval for it to be placed and/or constructed on your land.
  • a swimming pool safety barrier fence to be 1200mm high, boundary fences to be 1800mm hig
  • a safety gate to open outwards from pool enclosure, with self-closing hinges and magna latch at 1.5m high above paving level
  • the secondary pump inlet to be 600mm distance from skimmer inlet
  • CPR signage is required to be visible in pool area.

The sides of an above-ground pool can be a suitable safety barrier if:

  • they are non-climbable and are at least 1.2 metres high, and
  • a barrier is placed around the ladder (even if it is removable), and
  • a barrier is placed around anything else that can be climbed on such as pool pump, fittings and pipework. 

Further information on pool and spa safety can be found on the South Australian government web site.

For more information please call the Duty Builder on 8384 0666 

Public swimming and spa pools - inspections

The council’s environmental health team conducts routine inspections and complaint investigations of public swimming and spa pools in the council area to ensure their compliance with the South Australian Public Health Act, 2011

Please refer to the Department of Health website for further information and standards relating to public swimming pools and spas in South Australia.

Register your new public swimming pool or spa.

Private swimming and spa pools

It is the responsibility of the owner of the pool or spa to ensure it is properly maintained. If a pool is not properly looked after, it may become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and other organisms that may cause serious illness.

The correct use of appropriate chemicals and good management of disinfection, filtration and recirculation will keep the pool water clean, safe and in a hygienic condition.

Please refer to the Department of Health website for fact sheets on private swimming pools and spa pools or contact the council’s environmental health section on 08 8384 0628.

Mosquitoes breeding in or around your pool?

We recommend the following to control mosquito breeding, but please check with your pool company first:

  • cover the water surface with domestic kerosene or paraffin oil
  • drain the pool completely
  • regularly clean, refill and maintain the pool regularly

SA Health has more information to help control mosquito breeding in or around your pool or spa, including Maintaining your pool at home and Maintaining your spa at home.

Discharging pool water

Swimming pool water can contain chemicals, as well as other foreign substances that can contaminate the storm water system, affecting aquatic life, so whether you are responsible for a private or public pool or spa, it is an offence to discharge pool water into the street.

Instead, you need to direct swimming pool water – including back wash water – to the sewer. The EPA has a guideline for the disposal of  Swimming Pool Backwash Water in sewered areas, as well as those areas connected to Community Wastewater Management Schemes and septic tanks.