Update on council recycling collections

Published on 12 April 2021

City of Onkaparinga’s yellow bin recycling is being collected as per normal schedules, following a fire at the Visy recycling plant in Wingfield on Thursday 8 April.

All collections will proceed as per usual, and none of the city’s recyclables will be going to landfill, so you can keep playing your part and recycling.

Council has worked hard to help ensure the city’s recycling collections won’t be impacted, and it congratulates Visy on responding rapidly to find an interim solution for councils across Adelaide.

We’ll provide more information via this page and Facebook as it comes to hand.

Where is my recycling being processed?

City of Onkaparinga’s yellow bin recyclables are currently being transported to IWS (Integrated Waste Services) at Wingfield where it is being baled and transported interstate for processing.

What is council’s long-term solution for the city’s recycling?

Council, through subsidiary the Southern Region Waste Resource Authority (SRWRA),  has invested in a state-of-the-art material recycling facility at Seaford Heights, which is due to open in July 2021.

Once operational, the facility will process at least 31,000 tonnes annually of yellow bin recyclables, with the capacity to handle more than 60,000 tonnes.

This will allow the new facility to service Onkaparinga, Marion and Holdfast Bay councils, as well as other regional councils and commercial businesses from the surrounding area, helping to create a more resilient recycling sector for all of South Australia.

The Southern Materials Recovery Facility (SMRF) is a joint initiative of SRWRA – a subsidiary of Onkaparinga, Marion and Holdfast Bay councils – and Re.Group (an Australian recycling and resource recovery specialist. 

When are my bins being collected?

Head to the bin collection dates page on our website, where you can enter your address to find your collections dates or download your calendar.

There are also other options to find your collection dates, such as the My Local Services app and an interactive map.