Policy and Procedure

Our policies and procedures help to guide our actions, often addressing specific administrative responsibilities and/or legislative requirements.

Procedures outline the steps for ‘who' does ‘what' ‘why' and ‘when' in relation to the subject matter.

awards policy(PDF, 126KB)

building inspection policy(PDF, 242KB)

caretaker policy 2018(PDF, 345KB)

code of conduct elected members(PDF, 88KB)

Community Wastewater Management Scheme (CWMS) Customer Charter(PDF, 618KB)

council appointed elected member liaisons policy(PDF, 146KB)

council informal gatherings policy(PDF, 194KB)

customer complaints policy(PDF, 193KB)

elected member allowance benefits and support policy(PDF, 166KB)

elected member allowance benefits and support procedure(PDF, 678KB)

elected member training development policy(PDF, 155KB)

flag management procedure(PDF, 189KB)

freedom of information statement(PDF, 561KB)

hardship policy 2016-20(PDF, 163KB)

internal review of council decisions s270 procedure(PDF, 493KB)

mayoral civic receptions and events policy(PDF, 100KB)

order making policy(PDF, 175KB)

place naming policy(PDF, 551KB)

place naming procedure(PDF, 434KB)

policy on interaction of the development act state records act freedom of information act and copyright act(PDF, 307KB)

privacy statement(PDF, 341KB)

procedure for investigation complaints under the code of conduct for council members 2017(PDF, 663KB)

procurement policy(PDF, 543KB)

public consultation procedure(PDF, 543KB)

rate rebate policy 2019-20(PDF, 484KB)

rating policy 2019-20(PDF, 651KB)

request for Access Application Form 2018-19(PDF, 322KB)

road naming policy(PDF, 140KB)

road naming procedure(PDF, 78KB)

schedule of fees and charges 2019-2020(PDF, 392KB)

whistleblower protection policy(PDF, 180KB)