Annual Business Plan 2020-21


The Annual Business Plan links our Community Plan with the annual budget planning process to ensure that we continue to develop and maintain essential infrastructure services such as roads, bridges and open spaces as well as providing important services including libraries, health, planning and waste collection.

The Community Plan current at the time of publishing the Annual Business Plan 2020-21 was Onkaparinga 2035. This has since been replaced by the Community Plan 2030, which retains the same vision – Strong, vibrant communities.

Our community plan sets the long-term directions for the city and each year we develop a business plan to fine-tune the detail. The Annual Business Plan outlines council's priorities for the year and includes the budget and rating policy.

The City of Onkaparinga has been focused on the health, wellbeing and safety of our residents, businesses, volunteers and staff, and adapting to the changing needs of our communities due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Our Annual Business Plan and Budget for 2020-21 has been developed with this in mind. To support our community, Council endorsed a zero percent general rate revenue increase for 2020-21. This is the first time in council’s history that there has been no general rate increase, but the impacts our communities are facing are unprecedented.

Each year we undertake community engagement and invite feedback from our communities about the draft plan. 


The Annual Business Plan including the budget and rating policies for 2020-21 was adopted by Council at its meeting on 7 July 2020.

Annual Business Plan 2020-21(PDF, 16MB)

View the Annual Business Plan 2020-21 online.

Annual Business Plan-2020-21 Summary(PDF, 1MB)

COVID Rate Relief flyer(PDF, 89KB)