Review of our Sport and Active Recreation Strategic Management Plan

Published on 06 August 2019


Endorsed by Council in 2014, the Sport and Active Recreation Strategic Management Plan (SARSMP) 2014-2019 purpose is to guide the future provision, enhancement and management of sport and active recreation facilities, services and programs across the City of Onkaparinga through to 2035. This is in line with our overarching Community Plan 2035.

SARSMP is being reviewed in five year cycles and we are nearing the end of the first cycle. To inform the review process we are currently undertaking an internal evaluation of SARSMP 2014-2019 and have appointed Ross Planning to undertake a sport and active recreation research and analysis study to identify key changes and trends that have occurred since 2014 and that are anticipated in the next five years.

As part of this research there will be an opportunity for clubs, organisations and the wider community to provide input and information. This has already commenced with sporting clubs invited to provide player and volunteer participation data and facility usage information. We thank those clubs who have provided this data.

In addition we will be engaging with leaseholders of sporting clubs in relation to developing a state-wide Local Government Guide for Leasing and Licensing Sport and Community Facilities and we will be engaging with our volunteer not for profit sport and active recreation clubs and organisations in relation to reviewing our club development services. 

It is anticipated the Sport and Active Recreation Strategic Plan 2020-2025 will be endorsed for implementation in June 2020.

SARSP project updates will continue to be provided through the OACNET newsletter.

For more information or enquiries, contact Chris Maschotta or Larissa Jennings ph. 8384 0666 or email: