Port Noarlunga jetty divers stairs project update

Published on 10 January 2020

This project involves the fabrication and installation of new stairs and platform at the end of the jetty on the northern side.

We can advise the installation of the jetty stairs has been rescheduled to February 2020.

We’re very keen to get the stairs installed but unfortunately it has been delayed because the contractor and required equipment is still in Thevenard, near Ceduna on West Coast South Australia.

They’ve continued to encounter unforeseen delays with the project in Thevenard due to unfavourable weather, which has impacted our previously communicated start date for the Port Noarlunga jetty stairs installation.

The contractor has now advised us they will mobilise to Port Noarlunga in early February 2020 for site preparation work.

We apologise to our communities for the continued delay but it has been beyond our control.

We have explored other options to undertake this work without a barge (piling equipment mounted to the jetty) but these were found to be unsuitable.

The installation process for the jetty stairs will be broken into four stages:

  • On-site pile driving [approx. 3 days in early February 2020] followed by final survey of the pile positions
  • Off-site fabrication of custom fittings based on final pile position, and pre-assembly of staircase
  • On-site installation of stair connections [approx. 3 days in mid to late February 2020]
  • On-site staircase installation [approx. 3 days in late February or early March 2020]

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope you enjoy your time at Port Noarlunga.

Jetty Closures and Marine Exclusion Zones

We appreciate that construction will occur through a very busy period however we will make every effort to ensure that the partial jetty closures are minimised, whilst ensuring that public safety is maintained.

The attached plan shows the maximum exclusion zones required for the installation of the stairs. The stair access located mid-way along the jetty is outside of the identified exclusion zones and will remain open for the duration of the project.

View the plan(PDF, 1MB)

The barge is 30m long and the exclusion zone must be large enough to allow working and manoeuvring space and not encourage people to get close.  For some activities the exclusion zone may be reduced to 50m depending on the activities being undertaken.

The closure of the jetty will only occur while works are being undertaken and the intent is to open the jetty when safe to do so between the stages outlined above.

Ocean exclusion zone will be marked out with signed buoys.

Jetty Stair Design

The design of the new stairs was undertaken in consultation with users and organisations that regularly use the jetty and is a substantial upgrade to the original structure. 

Some of the key features designed to improve safe and efficient access to the water include:

  • much improved entry that allows fully kitted divers to access the water
  • handrails have been purposely left off along the lower platforms to allow multiple entry and exit points to the water at varying tide heights
  • lower platforms are walk on/off through the tide cycle instead of climbing ladders.