Mildred is still a star

Published on 24 January 2020

Mildred is still a star

At 99 Mildred Brocklebenk is not just one of the region’s oldest residents, but one of its oldest volunteers.

Mildred and her cheeky budgerigar Chichi have a home that’s full of memories of her life on the stage and in the spotlight. She’s barely over four foot tall, but her tiny frame is packed with personality.

A volunteer with the “old folk” at Eldercare Seaford, Mildred loves chatting with them and helping them transition from their homes to the nursing home.

Having dreamed of a career in teaching, her plans changed at age 12 when she accompanied a friend to a rehearsal of UK children’s dance troupe, Terry’s Juveniles. Initially mistaken by the imposing Miss Terry for a group member, Mildred sang a solo, and was asked to join the group on the spot.

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