Circular success

Published on 19 August 2020

Circular success

Nine SA councils, including Onkaparinga, have bought over 17,000 tonnes of recycled materials in the first six months of a pilot project aimed at supporting the development of a circular economy in South Australia.

The nine councils, led by the Local Government Association (LGA), signed a Memorandum of Understanding in September last year with funding provided through a Green Industries SA grant, committing them to prioritising recycled content through their procurement processes.

Since tracking purchases from January, the councils have:

  • identified over 150 suppliers of recycled-content products and materials available in SA;
  • Made more than 450 individual purchases of these products;
  • Bought over 17,000 tonnes (or 13,000 cars worth!) of recycled materials;
  • Bought 106 tonnes of recycled plastic (the equivalent of 17,000 households’ milk bottles for a year!).

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