Media response - Trucks on Tour

Published on 27 September 2022

Response to Fleurieu Sun.

  • Could I please grab a quote from someone at council about why this event is so great and what they've loved about previous editions of the event? 

Comments attributed to Acting Director Strategy and Engagement, Ynys Onsman

Trucks on Tour is one of the most popular events on our calendar, bringing together hundreds of families to get up close and personal with their favourite council and emergency vehicles in the one place.

It's such a thrill for children of all ages, and the young of heart, to climb into the driver's seats and let their imaginations run wild, and to experience the range of demonstrations and roving entertainment on offer.

I encourage everyone to head along to the event at Wilfred Taylor Reserve, where you can also enjoy an idyllic creek-side nature walk and one of the south's biggest and best playgrounds.