Media response - supplementary election

Published on 02 July 2020

Response to Fleurieu App.

  • I'm looking to write an article for the Fleurieu App about your upcoming supplementary election.

1. What remuneration does a City of Onkaparinga councillor get?

The allowance paid to an elected member of the City of Onkaparinga, as determined by the Remuneration Tribunal of South Australia, is currently set at $24,218. This amount is adjusted periodically to reflect the changes in CPI.

2. How much is the supplementary election expected to cost?

The financial implications of a supplementary election for the Mid Coast Ward are currently undetermined and it is difficult to estimate what the final costs will be. A large part of the costs depends on the participation rate and the number of returned votes. The final costs will not be known until the Electoral Commission of South Australia invoices us at the conclusion of the election.


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