Media response - kennel cough

Published on 28 April 2021

Response to The Advertiser.

  • I’ve seen some posts on social media that a local woman believes her dog has caught kennel cough at the Aldinga Dog Park. Could you please provide some council comment on whether you’ve had any reported cases or are aware of kennel cough cases in the area? If so, what measures will need to be put in place to ensure there isn’t an outbreak and any tips for pet owners please.

Council has not received any reports of kennel cough at Aldinga’s Symonds Reserve dog park at this time.

We have also been in contact with the RSPCA, who confirmed they haven’t received any reported cases of kennel cough occurring at the site, or knowledge of it being in our region at this time.

Kennel cough (or canine cough, Bordetella bronchiseptica) is a highly contagious virus, and very young or old dogs are more at risk of infection.

The RSPCA recommends the vaccine for kennel cough is given annually, though it is a non-core dog vaccine. See here for more information.

A condition of use of City of Onkaparinga’s dog parks is that dogs should be vaccinated.