Improved road safety following Main Road intersection audit

Published on 20 August 2021

The City of Onkaparinga is working with the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) to improve road safety along Main Road from McLaren Value to Willunga following council’s audit of the road’s intersections.


The council is installing new line marking and signage upgrades along the road, plus guard railing along Malpas Road, reflecting recommended actions the audit, which commenced in April.

Both DIT and the council have individual and shared responsibility for roads in the area.

DIT is responsible for Main Road, council is responsible for adjoining local roads, and both DIT and council share responsibility where the roads intersect.

City of Onkaparinga Mayor Erin Thompson said the audit and subsequent improvements were a positive step towards reducing fatal and serious injury crashes on Onkaparinga’s roads.

“Two fatal crashes have occurred along the road this year. I can’t image how difficult this has been for the families involved and my sincere condolences go out to them,” Mayor Thompson said.

“While council’s audit found these intersections comply with safety standards and minimum road safety requirements, we’ve identified more improvements we can make.

“The upgrades we’ve already delivered with great support from DIT, and the improvements that will be completed soon, are a positive step toward achieving a rate of zero fatality and serious injury crashes on our roads.”

Completed and upcoming road safety improvements resulting from the audit include:

•    a transverse line marking trial (to reduce approach speeds), supplementing enhanced advanced warning signage, to be installed by the end of August 2021 (weather permitting)

•    the installation of approximately 600 metres of guard railing to protect vehicles from the open drain running along the southern side of Malpas Road, extending westwards from Main Road, with 250 metres approved for delivery in 2021–22

•    continued advocacy to the state government for further investment towards more substantial road safety upgrades on Main Road, especially at intersections with McMurtrie Road and Johnston Road; and Malpas Road and Binney Road

•    Council raising potential issues with conflicting speed zones at three intersections to DIT for assessment

•    repositioning and refreshing line marking and installing larger and more prominent signage on the side roads of the two major Main Road intersections (now complete), McMurtrie Road and Johnston Road; and Malpas Road and Binney Road.