Media response - Hopgood Theatre

Published on 02 December 2019

Media response to Southern Times Messenger.

  • I'm following up on discussions on radio about the Hopgood Theatre yesterday. Is it possible to get an update on how the Council's negotiations with the State Government are going? Is the council considering or open to buying/ taking over the theatre from the State Government? When is the council next meeting with the government to discuss the theatre's future?

Comments attributed to Mayor, Erin Thompson

We recently welcomed Education Minister John Gardner’s announcement that funding would be extended to keep the theatre open until at least June 2020, and look forward to continuing to work with the state government to secure a longer term resolution.

Our next meeting is proposed for the early new year, where we will be taking the Premier, Minister Pisoni, and Minister Gardner on a tour of the Theatre.

We will be considering various potential funding models as we continue discussions with state government. 

Council’s goal regarding the Hopgood Theatre is to ensure it stays open because it’s an integral asset to the community.

It provides an accessible space for local artists to perform, entertains residents through performances from interstate and abroad, and provides schools with a great local venue.