Media response - dog baiting reports in Woodcroft

Published on 28 September 2021

Response to The Advertiser

  • I was wondering if I can get a statement on the following? Given that there are reports of dog baiting at Tangari Regional Park, what has the council done to warn pet owners? Has this happened before at Tangari? And what is council's advice to pet owners? Has the incident also been reported to SAPOL?

Late on Friday afternoon council received reports of suspicious meat scraps left in Woodcroft’s Tangari Regional Park.

A piece of meat containing a green powder-like substance was located on a path within the park.The most common form of baiting is by way of rat pellets inserted into meat. These rat pellets are normally green or blue in colour.

We’ve reported this to SAPOL and are working with them on preventative and safety measures including the installation of signage within the area. RSPCA were also advised and have had no further reports of similar incidents in this area.

Temporary signage has been put in place advising that suspicious meat scraps have been found in the area, to keep dogs on lead and report suspicious behaviour to SAPOL, RSPCA and the City of Onkaparinga.

The area has been rechecked, however no further material has been found. The use of CCTV security cameras in the area is being considered.

If anyone has any further information or witnesses similar activity anywhere across our region, we encourage them to report it as soon as possible to SAPOL, RSPCA and City of Onkaparinga.