Media response - Reynella hall sale

Published on 02 May 2019

ENQUIRY – Southern Times Messenger

I heard that the sale of 4 Thames Dr, Reynella has been put on hold due to concerns from Cr Alayna de Graff about the public consultation process. She says that there are several community groups who would like to use the hall.

Is that correct?

When was the hall last occupied?

How much would it cost to get the hall up to standard so it could be used again?

What work would need to be done to it?

Has anyone contacted the council to use the hall in the past five years?

How much does it cost the council to maintain the property each year?

What is the market value of the property?


Comments attributed to Erin Thompson, Mayor.

The hall at 4 Thames Drive, Reynella was excluded from the classification of community land by Council at its meeting on 19 November 2002, when all council land was classified pursuant to the Local Government Act 1999 and has been vacant for the past two years. The sale of the hall has not been put on hold and council has not been approached by any community groups to use the hall within the past five years.

The proposal to sell the building is based on it being surplus to community need, not its condition alone, therefore no work has been done on a cost to ‘get the hall up to standard’.

The market value of the property is unknown at this stage.

Our 2015 Community Facilities Study found that the area in which the hall is located had more community facilities than were needed to meet the service level.

We have three other community facilities available that are located nearby including the Reynella Neighbourhood Centre, Reynella Youth Centre and the Vine Street Cottage.

Groups and organisations interested in using council facilities, should visit the council website at