Public Place Improvement Grant

 The Public Place Improvement Grants program encourages groups and individuals to nominate works to improve public land including streetscapes fronting parks and reserves. Projects may seek to activate places by improving the general appearance of an area, public safety, economic development (eg attracting business or tourism), environmental management and enhanced functionality.

How to apply

Applications are now closed.  

We encourage enquiries prior to starting your application.  Please contact Kat McAteer, Grants Officer on (08) 8301 7387 or email

Our online application system will improve and simplify the grant application experience for our community. We are accepting applications online only for the 2020-21 funding round.

Funding conditions

Examples of completed projects

Examples of completed projects


  Eligible project examples

  • general landscaping on public land including natural shade, green walls and nature play
    • Green walls are a wall partially or completely covered with greenery. Green walls are also known as living walls or vertical gardens. It can be as simple as growing climbers up the face of the wall, or growing plants in a separate container system that holds soil that is attached to a wall.
    • Nature play spaces are landscaped places that enable children to play, create, learn and socialise. Landscaping includes natural elements (eg logs, sand, water, stones) and the use of native plants that can provide habitat and attract native birds and animals. Nature place spaces should offer a degree of ‘healthy risk’ and should be accessible, inviting and include space for active play.
  • planting of approved vegetation (not lawns) with or without associated irrigation
  • temporary and/or permanent public art, and
    • Public art might include, but is not limited to sculpture, banners, projection art, entry statements, murals, and mosaics
  • street furniture 
  • Street furniture might include, but is not limited to seating, bin surrounds, picnic tables, arbours and shelters.