Elected Members Code of Conduct and Registers

1. Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for the Council Members provides guidelines and sets out the principles of good conduct and standards of behaviour which are expected of the Elected Members within South Australia.

The Code of Conduct is made accessible in accordance with section 63 of the Local Government Act 1999. Elected Members of the City of Onkaparinga must comply with the provisions of the Code of Conduct in carrying out their functions as a public official. It is the responsibility of elected members to ensure that they are familiar with, and comply with, the standards in the Code at all times.

Code of Conduct - Elected Members(PDF, 88KB)

Procedure for investigation of complaints under the Code of Conduct for Elected Members(PDF, 465KB)

Code of Conduct Complaint Form for Council Members(PDF, 211KB)

2. Gifts and Benefits

When an Elected Member receives a gift or benefit which is valued at more than $100, details of each gift must be recorded within a Gifts and Benefits register maintained and updated quarterly, as per the Code of Conduct. 

This register is also available for public inspection at our Noarlunga office.

December 2018 to November 2022(PDF, 158KB)

November 2013 to October 2018(PDF, 106KB)

3. Register of Interests

The following information in relation to each Elected Member is maintained in a register by the City of Onkaparinga as per the Local Government Act 1999.

Under Section 70(a1) of Local Government Act 1999  the Council must publish the Register of Interest on its website. Section 70(a2) provides that the following details are not published;

  • a person’s residential address
  • any other address supressed from the Register under section 68(4)(a).

This new legislative requirement  came into operation on 10 November 2021 and relates to information contained in the Register of current members of Council.

Mayor Erin Thompson(PDF, 2MB)

Cr Alayna de Graaf(PDF, 7MB)

Cr Bill Jamieson(PDF, 1MB)

Cr Geoff Eaton(PDF, 2MB)

Cr Heidi Greaves(PDF, 999KB)

Cr Marion Themeliotis(PDF, 6MB)

Cr Martin Bray(PDF, 3MB)

Cr Michael O'Brien(PDF, 13MB)

Cr Richard Peat(PDF, 808KB)

Cr Sandra Brown(PDF, 3MB)

Cr Simon McMahon(PDF, 4MB)

Cr Suzanne Tonkin(PDF, 632KB)

Cr Wayne Olsen(PDF, 9MB)


4. Register of Allowances and Benefits

In accordance with Section 79 of the Local Government Act 1999, all Elected Member allowances and benefits will be recorded in the register of allowances and benefits and updated quarterly.

To ensure transparency and good governance the City of Onkaparinga records all allowances and benefits in the register as required by legislation as well as any equipment, service or expenses incurred that supports the elected members in undertaking their role.

This register is also available for public inspection at our Noarlunga office.





More information on their entitlements can be found in the below procedure.

Elected Member allowances, benefits and support(PDF, 252KB)