Wayne Olsen

Councillor - Southern Vales ward

PO Box 1
Noarlunga Centre SA 5168

Wayne Olsen

Why did you want to become an elected member?

As I was growing up my father was an elected member for the City of Charles Sturt for over 20 years. I always thought that perhaps I might like to do that one day.

My ‘one day’ occurred 11 years ago, which was prior to the McLaren Vale Character Preservation Act being in place. Subdivisions were occurring everywhere in the south and our beautiful semi-rural area was being ‘cut up’ for development and urbanisation. The urban boundary was expanding. At the same time, I noticed that council was poorly maintaining our assets, particularly our reserves, parks, open space, and roads. The time had come where enough was enough. I put my hat in the ring to get elected and make a difference for our community to protect the beautiful area we live, and improve the facilities and services we expect from council.

What local issues are you most passionate about?

I believe the community expects value-for-money services and facilities from the City of Onkaparinga. I’m passionate about ensuring the services we provide are delivered in the most efficient manner possible, that they’re the right services, and that the facilities we provide are appropriate for use by the community. I’m passionate that our ratepayers obtain value-for-money for the rates they pay each and every year.

What do you want to hear about from local residents?

I very much appreciate any feedback directly from the community—be it good, bad or ugly. I listen to what’s happening with our community’s interactions and experiences in dealing with council. This helps me understand how council is actually performing and delivering on expectations. I’m open to hearing about anything.

What’s the best thing about the Onkaparinga region?

I love the outdoors, so for me, I enjoy our beaches, bike trails, open spaces, reserves, parks, Onkaparinga River and Gorge, and of course, the beautiful wines and delicious foods from our region.

What more could you ask for?