Sandra Brown

Councillor - Pimpala ward

PO Box 1
Noarlunga Centre SA 5168

Sandra Brown

Why did you want to become an elected member?

Residents asked me to stand to try to get a rural voice in the chamber, and to reduce the have and have-nots in services.

In 1997 [when City of Onkaparinga was established and Cr Brown was elected], I was concerned the amalgamation commitments of the council could, and would not, be met. Support and networking with local business and residents seemed absent. There was no conduit for supporting local business, which makes a thriving local economy, so I decided to see if I could make a difference.

What local issues are you most passionate about?

They change over time, when issues I’ve worked on are resolved. Saving the O’Halloran Hill Community and Recreation Centre and harvesting our stormwater took over 10 years. Adding innovation into our playgrounds is in-train. The mayor and I have been meeting to achieve outcomes. She has young children and I expect they will test what we achieve. Debt reduction and long-term financial management has been ongoing because it frees up opportunities for future councils. Our new CEO has moved mountains on this. Working on keeping our green spaces—the lungs of our local environment and homes for our diminishing native fauna—is ongoing. We want to create and preserve great peaceful walking places that can provide valuable respite for us all. If everyone works together and takes ownership of this, we will achieve these outcomes.

What do you want to hear about from local residents?

I am open to whatever residents have to say to me or to hear what they’re seeking help on with local government issues. It’s great to hear good news stories of resolve. Some matters take longer to fix than others. We have a shrinking volunteer base, so if anyone has a few hours a week to help in many difference areas, local groups would love the connection and support.

What’s the best thing about the Onkaparinga region?

I came here to own a home and get away from the busy city life. It’s fun to reflect with friends on what we didn’t have, and what we now have. We have great shops, community and sporting facilities, beaches to die for, leading wineries and breweries, restaurants, open space to walk freely about, and great coffee places to chat with friends in any suburb. We have wonderful places of historical significance that give towns ambience. High tea at Willunga; expresso martinis at Hortas, walking along Port Noarlunga jetty with an ice cream, watching the sun set by the Star of Greece, or having fish and chips on the beach at Christies on a hot night with the kids. We have the best sunsets in the world.