Councils in South Australia are able to establish by-laws under the Local Government Act 1999. By-laws are local laws established by councils to deal with issues specific to the areas under the care and control of council. 

The City of Onkaparinga recently renewed its by-laws which will now be in place until 1 January 2024 (excluding By-Law 7 Dogs which expires on 30 June 2030), as below:

By-law 1 Permits and penalties

A by-law to create a permit system for Council’s by-laws, to fix maximum and continuing penalties for offences, and for the construction of Council by-laws.

By-law 1 - Permits and penalties(PDF, 1MB)

By-law 2 Moveable signs

This by-law sets standards for moveable signs on roads and provides conditions for the placement of such signs.

By-law 2 - Moveable signs(PDF, 2MB)

Council has determined that businesses may display A/T frame or feather style signs without requiring a permit if in accordance with the guidelines below:

Guidelines for the placement of moveable signs(PDF, 301KB)

All other sign types require a permit – please contact our Compliance Team on 8384 0666 for more information on moveable signs.

By-law 3 Roads

This by-law regulates activities on roads in the Council’s area.

By-law 3 - Roads(PDF, 2MB)

Activities requiring a permit include:

  • amplification
  • animals
  • camping
  • donations
  • obstructions
  • preaching
  • public exhibitions
  • vehicles

By-law 4 Local Government land

This By-law regulates access to and use of Local Government land (other than roads and foreshore areas), and certain public places.

By-law 4 - Local Government land(PDF, 5MB)

Council has made a number of determinations in relation to local government land summarised as follows:


Camping is no longer permitted at Clarendon Oval.


Horses are permitted on the reserves listed as part of the City of Onkaparinga’s horse trail network. 

Horse Trails

By-law 6 Foreshore

This by-law regulates access to and use of Local Government Land comprising the foreshore and nearby areas.

By-law 6 - Foreshore(PDF, 276KB)

Council has made a number of determinations in relation to the foreshore areas as follows:


Boats may be launched from a number of foreshore areas at parts of Sellicks Beach, Aldinga Beach, Moana, Port Noarlunga, and the Christies Beach and O’Sullivan’s Beach boat ramps.

See also: Watercraft launch areas


Horses are permitted on certain beaches at certain times (times change with daylight savings). 

View more information on each of the beaches available for horse riding.


Vehicle access is permitted on certain beaches at certain times.

Cars on beach permit

By-law 7 Dogs

This by-law allows for the management and control of dogs in the council area and limits the number of dogs kept on premises.

By-law 7 - Dogs(PDF, 12MB)

Council has made a number of determinations in relation to dogs, including on and off leash areas and set limits on the number of dogs allowed for each property without a permit.

Additional information

Pets and animals




More Information

For more information on the application of the above by-laws, please contact our Community Rangers team on 8384 0666 or via

Please note that council no longer requires a by-law for the management of bird scarers (previously No.5), with control of such devices now managed by state government legislation.