Community Vision 2034 | Community Plan 2030

Community Plan 2030

PLEASE NOTE – the new draft Community Vision 2034 will be open for community engagement from 19 July to 11 August 2024.

Visit the Love where you live page on Your Say  and click JOIN to register for updates and provide your feedback on the new Vision.

The Community Vision 2034 will replace council’s previous Community Plan 2030.

The information below relates to the previous Community Plan 2030.

Our Community Plan 2030 outlines our big picture goals - the future we aspire our city to achieve. It sets the focus for our Council, painting a clear picture of the outcomes we want to bring to life which add together to form our vision of strong, vibrant communities.

Our Community Plan 2030 has:

  • one vision describing the aspirations our communities, elected members and staff have for our city
  • four themes that help us to organise our plan
  • eight key result areas that describe broad areas for action
  • sixteen outcomes that describe what we aim to achieve with this plan and what success will look like. Five of these are highlighted for extra attention over the next four years.

We have prepared the Community Plan 2030 in several formats so that you can access it in a way that suits you:

We are committed to delivering the aspirations set in this plan, so our residents, businesses and visitors can continue to enjoy all our region has to offer. Over the next four years, this plan will guide our decision making so we remain on track to deliver its outcomes, particularly the five focus outcomes of priority to elected members.

We will do this through:

  • our strategic plans, which set directions and initiatives on specific topics, aligned to the Community Plan 2030
  • our Strategic Asset Management Plan, Long Term Financial Plan, and Annual Business Plan, which ensure we are sustainably investing in the activities that meet community needs
  • delivering the daily work that allows us to provide the services, programs and projects which support our city to thrive.

For more information about this plan, please contact our Strategic Services team on 8384 0666 or email