Onkaparinga Active Community Network (OACNET)


The Onkaparinga Active Community Network (OACNET) program is a club development service designed to assist volunteer managed not-for-profit sporting clubs with governance and operations support and guidance.

The OACNET program offers:

  • Governance and organisational support (e.g. strategic planning, volunteer recruitment and retention, constitution review, legislation guidance)
  • Free or subsidised needs-based sporting club operations and governance training and development
  • Sport and recreation industry and related council updates through regular newsletters
  • Grant funding information and application support and guidance
  • Forums and networking events
  • Support with and reporting on leaseholders' key performance indicators.

Club OACNET profile

Click on the below link to register your club with our OACNET program and create your own club profile. This helps us keep up to date with your club’s key contact details and data. 

Create your club OACNET profile

OACNET Newsletter

The OACNET newsletter is for those involved as committee members, staff, volunteers and administrators of our local sporting clubs and facilities. This e-newsletter is sent out approximately 4 times a year and contains the latest sports industry information and news including grant and training opportunities, legislative changes and requirements, and networking events.

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Initial point of contact for sporting clubs

The Sport Development team is your initial point of contact for all sporting club questions within the City of Onkaparinga.

To make an enquiry, please contact our Sport Development team on 8384 0666 or mail@onkaparinga.sa.gov.au.

Sporting club resources and templates

We have a suite of useful templates and resources designed to improve and support our sporting club’s performance and capability. These include templates for strategic and business plans, role descriptions, policies and procedures and resources for volunteer management.

Resources for sporting clubs

Information for council lease holders

We have a dedicated page designed to help our clubs who lease a council-owned facility. This page includes information on how to:

  • submit your annual leaseholder reporting
  • request maintenance support
  • afterhours emergency support 
  • update your club's contact details.

Visit the leaseholder information page