Community Open Round Grants

The Community Open Round grant provide funding opportunities that aim to foster community participation in a range of initiatives which build capacity, connectedness, wellbeing and a sense of place, and encourage and celebrate our community and cultural life.

These grants provide an opportunity for applicant’s whose projects, activities or timing don’t quite fit with some of our other grants to apply for funding. It also offers the chance to showcase potential projects/activities to the wider community and gives the community an opportunity to decide who and what is funded.

Applicants who are successful in the shortlisting process will be invited to an event to make a short pitch which outlines the project/activity they are hoping to have funded. This will involve a four minute presentation of their idea and why it should be funded. This can take the form of a speech, or even a song or skit. Your pitch will be presented to the other shortlisted applicants. The pitches/presentations that receive the most votes will be selected to be funded ($2000 each, regardless of the project costs). 

Applications now closed.