Callum Docherty - Artist in Residence until September 2022


SUNROOM STUDIO | 28 June - 26 September

Callum Docherty. 'Curl'_2021_Digital Image_DimentionsVariable_CallumDocherty.jpg

Callum Docherty As a multidisciplinary artist Docherty aims to build upon his current arts practice by utilising a range of approaches including collage, drawing, photography, and installation to investigate and document the local area. With a focus on community participation, across the three months the artist invites the wider public to explore the art of assemblage and site-responsive exhibitable outcomes through collaborative collecting of locally sourced found objects and materials.

HANDOVER -  Community Project 

   Mapping found objects

Any time over the next few months, you are invited to contribute to Handover.

This is how.

Collect an object from the local area; it can be natural or man-made; whatever you find interesting and/or perhaps beautiful. Bring the found object to artist in residence Callum in the Sunroom studio to be photographed along with information on where you found it.

If you wish to collect on-site, around Sauerbier House, you can be provided with a map of the local area on which you can indicate where your found object originates from. Alternatively you can use google maps to record the location and share that with the artist. This information will be documented on a central map located in the Sunroom studio and will contribute to the final exhibition in September.

This process aims to explore the mechanism which recognises the importance of respectful and sustainable collection practices and will assist in the returning of natural materials to their respectful origins locations. Willing participants are welcome to further discuss their experiences on-site and why they were drawn to the found object.

Callum will be on-site for 

Open Studio session Saturday 23 July  1-pm.

Wednesdays + Thursdays

Callum Docherty, 2021 .     Callum Docherty , 2022

Images: (1) Callum Docherty.  Curl, 2021, digital image, dimensions variable. (2)  Untitled, 2022, found object, digital image. (3) Example of local mapping.  Images courtesy artist.


Exhibition dates: 24 September - 29 October
Exhibition venue: Sauerbier House, 21 Wearing St, Port Noarlunga SA 5167

Image credit: Callum Docherty. Curl, 2021, digital image, dimensions variable. Image courtesy artist.