Who Killed Cockatoo?

Who Killed Cockatoo Storybook Walk  

Who Killed Cockatoo by Alexander Cawthorne Written by William Alexander Cawthorne, illustrated by Rodney McRae.

Artwork created by Andrew Stock, 2007 with permission from the State Library of South Australia.

Who Killed Cockatoo? was the first illustrated children's book in South Australia and is based on the old English rhyme Who Killed Cock Robin

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An Australian adaption of the English children's rhyme 'Who Killed Cock Robin?', using native Australian birds and animals.

"And the bird of the mound,
In the Murray scrub found,
With its eggs in a row;
And the Parrot with crest,
In a green-and-blue vest,
As grand as a beau."

Andrew Stock - artist Meet the artist: Andrew Stock

Andrew Stock is a public artist and a sculptor and has a strong interest in social engagement with art. His studies include Fine Arts, Sociology, Psychology and Social Administration and he is completing his Masters in Sustainable Design.

Andrew Stock imagined Storybook Walk in the early 2000’s when he was asked to provide an artist response to the then, vacant section within Thalassa Park. Inspired by the natural landscape and the popular South Australian Writers Festival, Andrew visualised a children’s sculptural walk. This concept was readily accepted by council, especially as the park’s original owner, Mrs Margaret Cutten and Mrs Ann Burton, were very supportive of literature.

Andrew is delighted that Storybook Walk has continued on since its inception in 2007.